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Re:Credit card number not stored

    Sep 17 2009 22:34:33



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    Thanks much for the response. My accounts are both AIM. So you are saying that NO ONE using a payment gateway is able to access customer cc information anymore? Do you know when Mal's cart stopped storing cc info? It must be a huge coincidence that the day I changed my account (and thus had to change the api and transaction id numbers in mals admin) last week is the exact same day that cc numbers stopped being stored in my batch orders account. All orders before then have the cc info, and then it changes to not stored.

    Also, does not store this information either. I've talked at length with them about this. They get the number that mals shopping cart sends them, approve the card, then saves only the last 4 digits.

    My problem now is when an international customer needs to make a change to their order after it was placed, they do not speak English on the phone, are in a completely different time zone, and I have no way of adjusting the charge to their order as I cannot access their cc info. They can't send it to me via email because that is not secure. And now the cc info is not anywhere anymore: not in my mals account, not with

    Can you point me to the announcement when storing credit card information was removed from the batch orders? I can't find it.

    Thanks again for your response.