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Re:Gift Vouchers and MOrders 4.18

    Sep 23 2009 13:45:42


    Mal Stewart

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    A gift voucher isn't a discount! It is a payment method...

    When a gift voucher is used the customer is making a part payment for the order, the remainder is going to be paid some other way, in this case by card. If it had been PayPal then the cart would have deducted the gift voucher from the amount to be paid.

    A dscount voucher and a gift voucher are very different animals. With a discount voucher the customer genuinely is paying less for their goods and you are making less profit on them. A gift voucher on the other hand is just a mechanism for getting some of the cash "up front". The amount you have been paid is the full price, full profit margin. So it effects your tax position...


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