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Re:Shipping Units Confusion

    Sep 19 2008 20:45:45


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    If there are no exceptions (such as items to be shipped free) then there's no requirement to specify units values as the item count performs that function for you.

    You can use option 4 of standard shipping or 'Based on the number of items' using Advanced shipping.

    Standard shipping option 4 with 2 zones. The COST column has multipliers.

    US expedited
    1 ____ 16 _______ charge 16 for the first item
    rest __ 6 ________ and 6 each for any others

    US Express
    1 ___ 22
    rest _ 6

    Using advanced shipping you could have one zone with two options 'based on the total number of items'. The syntax is slightly different. For example

    The first 1 costs 16 each
    The rest cost 6 each

    Some shipping help documents are available at