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This is such a newbie question...

    Sep 19 2008 22:26:54



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    but, how do I implement the shopping cart into my website, instead of having it linked out to Mal's host?

    In other words, I can't find a code to paste the actual cart software onto my site. Am I overlooking something obvious here?


    Sep 20 2008 01:59:01



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    Hi, I am very new too, but from what I understand, you have to link to Mal's host, because that is the only place secure enough to hold the customer's credit card details.
    So unless you have your own SSL, and are planning to build your own shopping cart in your own https area (in which case, why do you need Mal's at all?), you need your cart to be on Mal's host.

    Hope that helps - otherwise hopefully a more knowledgable member will be along soon.


    Sep 20 2008 02:41:49


    Debbie Q

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    If you go to the old forum and do a search on words like iframe you can learn about some ways to make it "look" like the cart is on your website. Go back a ways.

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