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Re:Changing text from "Credit Card" to "Credit and Debit Card"

    Sep 30 2009 00:35:32


    Michael Schwab

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    Leah Taylor said Hi all,
    I figure there must be a way to do this but am not seeing where I need to change the settings. I am using Paypal Payments Pro but the shopping cart displays the option to pay by "Credit Card", whereas I want it to say "Credit Card or Debit Card". I cannot see where in the Cart Set-Up I select a debit card option? Can anyone help with this??

    Many thanks

    Perhaps you can go into Messages and general Settings and in the box assigned :
    You can place a message at the bottom of the form where your customers select which payment option they wish to use. For example : "Credit Card/Debit card details are collected using a SSL secured server".

    That would help those customers to understand you also accept debit cards as well...