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Re:adding add to cart buttons

    Oct 08 2009 23:46:08



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    Well, hello fellow North Texan. I took a look at your site. I like the flower in the header ... looks like our business cards.

    Premade templates are mess to edit, and yours is no different. If you are already making money with this business, I would suggest hiring someone to help manage your site. If your budget is tight, then I would suggest learning HTML yourself or finding a friend who is willing to help.

    I would offer my services but I fear my skills are limited as well. The support on this site is decent if you can get someone to respond. The answers, though, are usually meant for ones that already know what they are doing.

    Perhaps we can chat over email. I am willing to help as I can and have the time. I'm also willing to be hired. Since I don't consider myself an expert, I would be really cheap. That way, though, you can get my attention longer. Make me an offer.

    Our email:
    Our website:

    Mark Lee