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Re:discountpr applied to different items of a particular type

    Oct 09 2009 16:33:04



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    Quote: You can repeatedly put a qty in a box and add to cart. The total of OFHWF will be updated as will the individual quantities.

    I like that. That's a good start.

    Quote: You can prevent the customer from changing any quantities in the cart, or allow him to juggle the different varieties of OFHWF. But the onus is then on the customer to make the total match.

    This idea would be perfect if the customer could adjust all the numbers and then have a script run in the background to make sure the final numbers match, alerting the customer when they don't. But, I understand that is part of the wish list.

    Quote: The other potential problem is that you can't control the order of items in the cart. So if he then orders soaps, the set of soap products will follow in the cart.

    Quote: If he then orders another variety of OFHWF, the total will be adjusted but the qty will be the last item in the cart so that all OFHWF rows are not together.

    Having everything match would be a nice feature. You could group your products by category and then sort by category when you view the cart. Another wish list item, I'm afraid.

    These features aren't mandatory, but if other people would appreciate such features, we should tell Mal, since I understand he doesn't always read the posts.