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Re:Resend an oRder from Mals to MOrders

    Oct 10 2009 02:05:48


    Michael Schwab

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    Debbie Q said I think I heard that Mal is working on making it so an order can be resent. Not sure when that will be implemented tho. Ian's solution is probably the best for now.

    OOO that would be nice :)))

    Here's another suggestion for what to do with those pesky open orders: when an order comes through and Paypal puts it in the "red" (unable to complete, card issues), instead of deleting the entire order, create a new Status in your MOrders Prefences > Lists> Status> hit the + button and create "Cancelledl" or "Pending CB" (callback), and you can edit it manually later, if a payment is submitted after the fact.

    Wen an order goes dormant for any reason, you can mark it "cancelled" or whatever, from the Selection dropdown list you created, in your Orders tab.

    examples of conditions for orders status : New, In Process, reship BO, Pending Auth, Pending Paypal, Pending MO, yadda yadda...

    deleting is Hope that helps :)