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Re:Need some advice on setting product weights

    Oct 10 2009 03:27:00


    Michael Schwab

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    marcuslee said Just a thought since I haven't had to deal with this problem.

    In the Cart Setup there is a space to put a handling fee, something that is added to shipping before any other calculations. If I understand this correctly, you could combine this with the weight feature. Thus, the flat handling fee could cover the box, and the added shipping for weight would cover the products. Just remember to not shoot yourself in the foot. Make sure you can cover larger boxes as well.

    Also be aware that USPS won't add insurance when you want to cover an order- so, since you can't get that in a direct quote from USPS, it has to be figured in at your end and that is where the handling cost comes into play.

    once you have the rate charts, and your product weights, do a test purchase, go in and adjust your handling and units, etc...It's tricky but it will make more sense when you get the quotes closer to the rate charts in front of you (or by toggling between USPS calculated shipping pages and your advanced shipping page... :)