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Orders not going into database first time

    Oct 11 2009 17:31:51


    Ian S

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    I'm having a problem with mOrders that I can get around but is a pain.

    If I've had the program running and used any filters (such as just displaying today’s orders for instance), I find that when I click on download orders, it indicates that orders are being downloaded, then that it's moving them into the database. But the orders don't appear.

    Removing the filter so all orders are shown doesn’t solve it.

    If I close the program and re-run it. The orders then download again and appear as they should.

    Is anyone else finding this, and is there something I'm doing to cause it?


    Oct 13 2009 09:35:51



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    yep I have always had this problem. No help I'm afraid. i just close mOrders and re-open it.

    Oct 13 2009 13:13:49


    Ian S

    Join date : 2008-09-18      Posts : 156

    Thanks for the reply - good to know it's not something I'm doing.

    Maybe something for Mals little black book of future fixes.

    Whilst I've got your attention (the mOrders part of the forum tends to be a bit quiet so I'm hoping as a fellow user you may be able to help me) - one of my biggest niggles is with the 'Paste function.

    We use this to paste the delivery address onto an address label template - I guess this is what it's intended for, however it NEVER picks up the 'shipping company' field.

    Most of our customers are private individuals so then it's fine, but when we do get orders going to company addresses it can be bad news if we don't spot that the address is missing a line (some companies don't use building numbers so the parcel disappears)

    Does anyone else have the same problem?

    Is there any way to change what fields are copied by the Paste function?

    Thanks for any replies


    Oct 14 2009 18:37:45



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    Hi Ian S
    Absolutely no help again, but I could have written your post regarding pasting address details. We often end up copying and pasting address details from the email confirmation.
    All this sort of thing should be in the help file that does not exist for Mals and is the reason (sadly) that we are looking at other shopping carts with a better back end or at least some decent help files that cover what must be endlessly asked questions by users who just want to get on with running their business smoothly and not getting bogged down with software detailia
    rant over.... I like mals really

    Oct 14 2009 19:08:03


    Ian S

    Join date : 2008-09-18      Posts : 156

    Thanks again for replying.

    Even if you haven't got a solution, knowing we're not alone in the probnlem means we know it's not something we're doing here so it's better than no reply at all.

    here's another one for you......

    Do you find that when you try to filter the selected orders by picking 'true' in the drop down column, it's often not there and the only option is 'false' ?