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more than 50 options

    Sep 21 2008 00:18:06



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    trying to use the multi add function for a product which has 70 options and it only allows 50 per form.

    Support - "The numbers have to be between 1 and 50 inclusive."

    How can I change this to allow more than 50?

    Sep 21 2008 00:25:26


    tom g

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    You can't.

    Sep 21 2008 13:13:01


    just visiting

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    Are any of the options mutually exclusive so that you could use aselect/option list with productpr?

    One of the support pages suggests
    <select name="productpr1">
    <option value="Musto Ocean Jacket, S:150"> Small </option>
    <option value="Musto Ocean Jacket, M:150"> Medium </option>
    <option value="Musto Ocean Jacket, L:150"> Large </option>
    <option value="Musto Ocean Jacket, XL:170"> Extra Large </option>

    Some shipping help documents are available at

    Sep 22 2008 14:50:58



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    the productpr select wont work.
    Each option needs to be listed out with enter qty box, as client want customers to be able to select qty.
    like the sample on this support page:

    Thanks andyways, it looks like I will have to break them up into multiple forms.