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Re:Orders not going into database first time

    Oct 13 2009 13:13:49


    Ian S

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    Thanks for the reply - good to know it's not something I'm doing.

    Maybe something for Mals little black book of future fixes.

    Whilst I've got your attention (the mOrders part of the forum tends to be a bit quiet so I'm hoping as a fellow user you may be able to help me) - one of my biggest niggles is with the 'Paste function.

    We use this to paste the delivery address onto an address label template - I guess this is what it's intended for, however it NEVER picks up the 'shipping company' field.

    Most of our customers are private individuals so then it's fine, but when we do get orders going to company addresses it can be bad news if we don't spot that the address is missing a line (some companies don't use building numbers so the parcel disappears)

    Does anyone else have the same problem?

    Is there any way to change what fields are copied by the Paste function?

    Thanks for any replies