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Problem with new window in Vista?

    Sep 21 2008 02:44:19



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    A friend and I are working on our sites and setting up the form code for various options in our carts. The links work fine on my system (windowsXP) and opens in the same window. However on her system (windows vista) when she click on a buy now link it opens in new window and sends an alert about having to open this link in a new windows because of secuirty settings. She has gone into internet explorer and changed the secuirty options and buy now links still open in a new window. It seems to be a Vista problem but would like to know what the problem really is or if someone else has experienced this same problem.

    Has anyone else run into this problem or maybe has a solution?

    TIA ~hotwax~

    Sep 21 2008 05:00:10


    Debbie Q

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    If you show us a link to your page we might be able to figure out if it is a coding problem. You could also go to and validate your code and check for errors.

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