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Limit Changing Cart Quantities

    Oct 15 2009 17:43:56



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    Hello, Everything I sell is a quantity of one. I do not want customers to be able to change the cart contents at all on the cart page, except to change to `0` to delete something. Other carts have cart fields to do this. Is there something I can add to my cart calls to help this - or bypass the first cart page completely to go to the customer info page? Is there a list somewhere of all possible fields that can be sent to the cart? Thanks.

    Oct 15 2009 18:51:23


    Debbie Q

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    You can add a field called noqty to your product code.

    'noqty=1' puts a qty number in the cart,
    'noqty=2' puts a checkbox so the item can be removed
    'noqty=3' puts a checkbox and a number.

    A page of the fields for Mals can be found here.

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