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mOrders crashing

    Oct 16 2009 23:01:12


    Ian S

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    We've been using mOrders for a while without any problems, but recently it crashes out, apparrantly at random.

    Sometimes after an hour, other times after just a few minutes.

    The message we get is 'mOrdes has encountered a problem and needs to close'. After this, a message is dispalyed :

    'Exception EInOutError in module mOrders.exe at 007EC5E8. I/O error 103'

    Deos anyone know what this is and if there's a fix?



    Oct 17 2009 01:47:08


    Debbie Q

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    Email Mal directly about this.

    Debbie Q

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    Oct 17 2009 05:51:35



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    One of the reasons for error message I/O Error 103 when it can not get access to a file, either because the file is in use by another program, or because the file does not exist (I'm not expert so maybe there are other reasons too, like double-instances of mOrders working on same time thus one instance is using the file and the other can not write to it/or read).

    Try to close as many programs working on the background (invisible too, if you know which). It is good idea to uninstall and re-install again mOrders because another possible reason is that a file is missing. I/O stands for input/output which means mOrders is trying to write to a file (or read) but can not find it (bad installation) or the file is being used by another program.

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