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inventory control

    Sep 21 2008 18:14:42



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    seems this would have been covered somewhere in the forums, but i can't find the answer...

    since my website has picked up speed, i need to control my inventory so as not to oversell product. (i'm an artist and sell only originals, and i'm having problems with multiple people trying to purchase the same piece)

    anyway...i know the FREE cart doesn't support inventory control, but assume the PAID cart would.

    i didn't see this in the list of features, but does the paid cart provide this?

    thanks in advance, amber

    Sep 23 2008 14:41:38



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    The cart does not have inventory - either paid or free. You would need something like optioncart. There are lots and lots of posts about this on the OLD FORUM.

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    Sep 30 2008 21:29:25


    Jill Morley

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    How do I access the OLD FORUM? I have tried the link given by Mal but do not see the OLD FORUM on this link.

    Oct 05 2008 18:16:50



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    Mal decided to delete it - he said it is a security risk.

    I think it is completely stupid to do this as it means we are continually repeating ourselves. I am really upset that all the good work we all did on the old forum has been rejected. I have noticed there are a lot less people on here willing to help. No doubt many of the old guard which have been with mals for years are feeling the same. Shame on you Mal.

    Life is too short to work 8 hours a day - thats why I work 16 :-)