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Old User, New Problem Regarding Pics in Cart

    Sep 21 2008 21:25:14


    Susan Maxwell Schmidt

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    Although I've been using Mal's cart for many, many years (and have professed my deep and abiding love to him for creating his baby many times), I have always wanted to be able to add pics of my designs to my cart but as far as I knew there was never a way to do this. Now I see on the new login page a graphic Mal is using that illustrates pics in the cart! So, I sez to myself I sez, "Yay! let's do it!" I peruse the Cart Setup first. Don't find anything. I peruse the Support files. Don't find anything. I peruse the boards, and despite finding a post entitled "Pictures in Cart," it's not what I'm looking for. So, am I just getting old? Would someone please tell me how to do this or where I can find a tutorial? Site is if you need to see my ancient code.

    My brain hurts :/

    Sep 22 2008 10:13:48



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    Hi Susan

    Your best option is to use a hyperlink type of cart and just use an image with that hyperlink heres an example of how I did it using ibuttons, obviously you don't need to use an ibutton though the principle is the same:

    <a href="; product=Iridium+Fly+Screen&price=49.99&">
    <img id="img61" alt="Add to Basket" height="20" onmousedown="FP_swapImg(1,0,/*id*/'img61',/*url*/'Buttons/button6F.jpg')" onmouseout="FP_swapImg(0,0,/*id*/'img61',/*url*/'Buttons/button178.jpg')" onmouseover="FP_swapImg(1,0,/*id*/'img61',/*url*/'Buttons/button6B.jpg')" onmouseup="FP_swapImg(0,0,/*id*/'img61',/*url*/'Buttons/button6B.jpg')" src="Buttons/button178.jpg" style="border: 0" width="100" /><!-- MSComment="ibutton" fp-style="fp-btn: Embossed Capsule 2; fp-font: Georgia" fp-title="Add to Basket" --></a></td>

    so use a link like this image I used as a hyperlink:

    <a href=";tab=wi"; target="_blank">

    <img height="78" src="images/images_hp.gif" style="FLOAT: left; margin-left: 0px; margin-right: 12px;" width="200" class="style23" alt="Google Images"/></a></td>

    Sep 22 2008 16:34:45



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    Like you, I saw Mal's nifty Flash video and immediately thought "Oh boy, now I can pass a thumbnail of the product to my cart." However, that doesn't appear to be what Carganar is explaining. Nor am I sure that the Flash video really shows that. What I think Mal is demonstrating is a couple different ways of implementing the "buy now" button *before* you switch to his checkout pages.

    I hope I'm wrong. There is no technical reason that he can't support a product thumbnail in his cart. But if you look at his demo store, there are no thumbnails in the cart.