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Discount - first item at regular price, subsequent one discounted

    Oct 27 2009 00:07:47


    Maida Carpio Scott

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    I'm trying to work out a way to have an item where the first one is the regular price and any additional items are discounted.

    Right now I'm thinking of:

    1) adding a hidden div so customers can add additional quantities as a second item if they enter a 1 in the quantity of the item at full price

    2) calculating everything behind the scenes using Javascript and sending the order as one item that encompasses total quantity and price

    Just wondering if there's a simpler way that I can do it so that it would be easier for them to change the quantity in the cart (rather than make them delete the original item and start over).

    Any thoughts?

    Oct 27 2009 00:30:21


    Debbie Q

    Join date : 2008-09-18      Posts : 4998

    You could use discountpr and average the prices for each level. It won't be exact but it will be close. Like if the first item is 10 and additional items are 8 your discountpr would be <input type=hidden name=discountpr value="1,10:1,9:1,8.66:1,8.5"> Taking it out as far as you feel the need.

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