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Re:Received an order with no shipping info

    Oct 27 2009 15:22:32



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    Thanks Alan,

    Will fix those items. I'm suspecting this might have something to do with our pay pal settings in the cart. We selected pay pal pro and had selected "suppress shipping address in pay pal" thinking this meant the Mal's cart collects info as usual, but the customer is not ask to re-enter the same address/info in Pay Pal??

    Also, it wasn't clear to me whether when using pay pal pro, we have to do further setup in our Pay Pal account? I had submitted another question in this forum inquiring how to make the Pay Pal page more "shopper friendly". As it is now, when our customers land on Pay Pal, they do NOT see any mention of what they want to buy, but have a page saying, "create an account" , "login" etc etc. Can that page simply LIST their purchases, gather their CC info, and then a prominent SUBMIT button?

    Thanks again ---