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FedEx pricing seems off

    Oct 27 2009 16:01:24



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    Hello, we are using the FedEx shipping calculator, and it appears to work fine except I've noticed that the price for FedEx 2 Day is coming up cheaper than FedEx Ground!

    What to do?

    Oct 27 2009 16:51:41



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    I'd discuss some specific examples with Mal.

    Some shipping help documents are available at

    Nov 06 2009 17:20:55



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    Does anyone else have this issue?

    We are using the "advanced shipping" and entered our Fed Ex account # so the cart can communicate with Fed Ex.

    The cart or Fed Ex is displaying CHEAPER shipping rates for Fed Ex 2 Day, than for Fed Ex Ground (not always, but sometimes). So of course, folks select Fed Ex 2 Day. After I type this, I'm turning OFF the 2 day option until we can determine what is wrong. Any advice on what to do, or change or check would be greatly appreciated.

    Do we need to contact Fed Ex??

    Nov 06 2009 18:04:58


    Debbie Q

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    Did you contact Mal like Alan suggested?

    Debbie Q

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    Nov 06 2009 21:38:05



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    No, haven't emailed Mal yet. I was hoping someone else might have had a similar experience, but evidently not??