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    Sep 22 2008 00:56:56



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    I used the standard button from Mal's but I can't get it to work. Any suggestions?

    <FORM action= method=post><INPUT type=hidden
    value=E020868 name=userid> <INPUT type=hidden value="Denim Pant Set"
    name=product> <INPUT type=hidden value=2.5 name=price> <INPUT type=hidden
    value=1 name=qty> <INPUT type=hidden
    value= name=return> <INPUT type=hidden
    value=1 name=units> <INPUT type=submit value="Buy Now"> </FORM>

    Oct 13 2008 02:56:20



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    If you're working on your site here

    you don't need to create the shopping buttons, they're generated for you by the system :)

    Check with the people who installed the system for you to learn how it all works together.

    Sherri Owen
    Making Mal's Even Simpler