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PCI Hosting

    Oct 28 2009 13:16:17



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    Can anyone recommend a budget UK hosting company that can handle PCI Compliance.

    My current host will not update their version of PHP to comply.

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    Oct 28 2009 20:42:47



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    Don -

    Maybe you should double check with your merchant account people regarding the scan. I was under the impression that if you are not handling transactions on your website, then the site does not need to be scanned. If you are using mals to process transactions, then that should be what they are scanning, no?

    Does anyone else have more info on that? I've always been confused by the whole thing PCI scan thing and never have seen any solid answers on the matter.

    Oct 28 2009 21:47:24



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    I am using Mals together with my electronic terminal.

    I have submitted my site to McAfee for a PCI scan, after scanning McAfee are saying my host are not using the updated PHP facility and therefore has several vulnerabilities and will therefore not approve my site as PCI Compliant.

    I am therefore trying to find a budget host server who has the right PHP facility so that I can transfer both my websites to.

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