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Gift Voucher listing

    Oct 29 2009 13:47:14



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    I have a question about Gift Vouchers and how they're listed in my "List Orders" area. When looking at an order that had a Gift Voucher applied to it I'm only seeing

    Sub-total 25.00
    Shipping 0.00
    Tax 0.00
    Total 25.00
    Less gift voucher (15.00)

    Should the new total be listed some place? The total minus the GV that needs to be charged to the customer's card, when I manually process the credit card, or will I have to manually calculate the total on any orders where the customer has used a Gift Voucher?


    Oct 29 2009 15:48:02


    Debbie Q

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    You will have to manually calculate the difference. (dumb I know)

    This is Mal's answer to how Gift Vouchers work.

    "A gift voucher isn't a discount! It is a payment method...

    When a gift voucher is used the customer is making a part payment for the order, the remainder is going to be paid some other way, in this case by card. If it had been PayPal then the cart would have deducted the gift voucher from the amount to be paid.

    A dscount voucher and a gift voucher are very different animals. With a discount voucher the customer genuinely is paying less for their goods and you are making less profit on them. A gift voucher on the other hand is just a mechanism for getting some of the cash "up front". The amount you have been paid is the full price, full profit margin. So it effects your tax position...


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    Oct 29 2009 19:11:35



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    Thanks Debbie. I wasn't sure if that's how it was supposed to be or if I'd done something wrong in set up so it wasn't showing correctly. I appreciate your reply!


    Nov 08 2009 04:01:08



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    This is how I make sure I donít' miss gift vouchers when they come in.

    I agree with you Debbie. I wish Mal would realize that it doesn't matter if it is a form of payment or a discount. Either way I NEED TO KNOW! If I don't manually change the customers receipt they WILL complain (I know from experience)

    This is how I deal with it. I send out A LOT of gift certificates. (Sorry I am from the US, we donít call them vouchers.) Every time a person orders from me they get a coupon, when they send in three I send them a $25 off voucher. The way I make sure I don't miss when someone uses one of my gift vouches as a form of payment is by using GMAIL. I set up a filter that looks for the word GIFT VOUCHER in all caps. The filter loos like this ;
    Matches: GIFT VOUCHER
    Do this: Apply label "GIFT VOUCHER - Adjust Receipt"

    That way when mal's cart sends me the customerís order it flags it as having a gift voucher. I also made the gift voucher label red so I wouldn't miss it.

    Now I just log into my gmail acount where my client orders are sent and at a glance i can see if any order has used a gift voucher. This has been a life saver for me. Before this I was about ready to leave mal's system.

    Hope this helps.