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Re:CVS/CVC .... the facts

    Nov 03 2009 14:12:55


    Mal Stewart

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    miraclemunchkins said If you are processing the credit cards manually, then by asking for and collecting the cvc you are storing the cvc on mals. If you are processing credit cards automatically and immediately, then I would think processing the cvc at that time should be allowed as you are not storing the data.

    That is absolutely correct. If you have the cart hooked up to a payment gateway then you can ask for the CVV number. In fact, in most of the payment gateway integrations in the cart it is mandatory.

    In computing terms you can hold the CVV number in memory (computer RAM) but not write it to a hard disk. PCI is very clear about this.

    CVV numbers are NOT required to process a "card not present" transaction. I don't ask for CVV numbers for Premium fees and I successully charge lots of cards! I don't believe there are any plans to make CVV mandatory although many processors will charge a higher rate without it.


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