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Re:Old User, New Problem Regarding Pics in Cart

    Sep 22 2008 10:13:48



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    Hi Susan

    Your best option is to use a hyperlink type of cart and just use an image with that hyperlink heres an example of how I did it using ibuttons, obviously you don't need to use an ibutton though the principle is the same:

    <a href="; product=Iridium+Fly+Screen&price=49.99&">
    <img id="img61" alt="Add to Basket" height="20" onmousedown="FP_swapImg(1,0,/*id*/'img61',/*url*/'Buttons/button6F.jpg')" onmouseout="FP_swapImg(0,0,/*id*/'img61',/*url*/'Buttons/button178.jpg')" onmouseover="FP_swapImg(1,0,/*id*/'img61',/*url*/'Buttons/button6B.jpg')" onmouseup="FP_swapImg(0,0,/*id*/'img61',/*url*/'Buttons/button6B.jpg')" src="Buttons/button178.jpg" style="border: 0" width="100" /><!-- MSComment="ibutton" fp-style="fp-btn: Embossed Capsule 2; fp-font: Georgia" fp-title="Add to Basket" --></a></td>

    so use a link like this image I used as a hyperlink:

    <a href=";tab=wi"; target="_blank">

    <img height="78" src="images/images_hp.gif" style="FLOAT: left; margin-left: 0px; margin-right: 12px;" width="200" class="style23" alt="Google Images"/></a></td>