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Re:No shipping address info

    Nov 04 2009 07:09:21



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    Hello again Debbie,

    That's the problem - there is NO address whatsoever. And when you view our orders in Mals, several orders do not even display a name (when viewing the page that lists all orders). If you click to view details, there is nothing under "invoice details", completely blank, and nothing under "billing" either.

    However, when I placed an order myself, MY order looks perfectly normal - my name displays in the general list, and when you click details, my name and address is all right there, as you would expect it to be. The only thing wrong with MY order, is that the order notification email did NOT contain any shipping information, no address of any sort.

    We also received one order paying with money order and that was the only one that behaved as you would expect, showing their name, address, etc.

    I'm not sure what else to do -- somehow our shoppers are getting thru without entering any vital info, or IF they are, we sure can't find it!