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Re:Forum Support Volunteers

    Sep 22 2008 10:14:25


    Mal Stewart

    Join date : 2008-09-18      Posts : 135

    I think you 100% wrong, Neil. Yes, there have been some teething problems but look around you; the new forums are much busier than the old one which often only used to get one or two posts a day. And of course we will continue to fix and improve the forum, as we do all the time in the shopping cart.

    Ok, so it is no longer an exclusive club and that creates new challenges. But the fact is Mal's E-commerce is not there for the "helpers", it exists for 42,000 merchants actively trading using the cart, many of whom are trying to scratch a living in what are very difficult times. The merchants aren't interested in joining a discussion forum, they just want a quick fix to a specific question. If they can't get in the forum they will come to me. For every post in the forum I handle ten of my own so it is not exactly a critical part of the system, just a bit of extra help. Obviously I would like it to take a bigger role and that is beginning to happen.

    So will the forum die if a little clique of helpers decide to stomp their little feet and leave? Nope, it won't. It is a pointless and futile gesture. History is littered with people who made the mistake of thinking they were more important than they really were.


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