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Re:Forum Support Volunteers

    Sep 22 2008 13:22:20


    just visiting

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    It would appear that over the past year in the old forum there were around 1800 threads (not posts) so several thousand of the latter. The new one has 150 in 23 days so not much different.

    And they were largely answered promptly round the clock by a small number of helpers, one of whom averaged 5 posts a day.

    They haven't suggested that the cart is for their benefit, only that their role and forum interests should perhaps have been regarded as helpers and not just as more frequent users. Whether that role was 'just a bit of extra help' those who received it and future users may decide.

    But there is a new forum, gradually getting into shape. There will be new helpers. Your mailbox may be a little busier. And the cart will go on.

    P.S. Not sure if there's been a change but I was able to type my reply while seeing all that had gone before (nice feature) and then click on Post Reply - before being told I needed to login and losing my input.

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