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Shipping zones

    Nov 07 2009 19:01:54



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    I haven't been using Mal's before and currently have a "free" cart. I'm builkding my e commerce site and need to have more tha 4 shipping prices. Can I extend the number of options on Mals and if not do I have to add sep code on my site? If this is the case can someone point me in the rigght direction please. I actually need between 6 and 8 price breaks.


    Nov 08 2009 08:58:14



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    Having trouble with a form or need one building?
    Fast turnaround, but I do charge :)

    Mal's Forms / Scripts and the syntax are here.

    Nov 08 2009 10:01:04



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    A standard shipping table has five rows, so option 7 (and 6) offer 5 possible charges, and you would have a maximum charge. No more rows are available.

    Three or four alternatives.

    1. Use option 5 (or 4) where the COST column has multipliers so there is no maximum. The charges are not so much in steps as slopes, continually increasing.
    2. Change to Advanced shipping with a Premium account.
    3. Implement a custom script using option 8.
    4. once offered a script providing more rows. The web page is no longer there although mentions third party add ons.

    Some shipping help documents are available at