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Shopper ID's not consecutive?

    Sep 22 2008 18:52:23



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    I've received a few orders through my new mals shopping cart, and everything seems to be working well... EXCEPT the order numbers (or shopper ID numbers) are not consecutive. Any ideas why this would be so?

    For example, a few days ago, I received an order and the shopper ID # was 2400. This morning I received an order with shopper ID number 2693. I did a test order after the one this morning, and my test order shopper ID number was 2700.

    What am I missing here, and why are the numbers not consecutive?


    Sep 23 2008 03:00:23



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    No one knows? Is anyone else having this problem?

    Sep 23 2008 07:35:21


    Nick French

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    This is not a problem, the numbers are consecutive for the orders being processed on Mal's server. There are a lot of people using it so if I received an order directly after your #2400, it would be #2401, then if someone places an order with you directly after that your next number will be #2402.

    Sep 23 2008 14:33:57



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    Nick - sorry to butt in but not sure that explains it too well. He is correct that there are lots of people using it but the example confused me and I know how it works :-(

    Mal has lots of different servers and lots of different merchants use each server. There could be hundreds (don't know exact number) of merchants using each server - you can tell which one you are on by the number after the ww in your account. ie - I have a site on ww4 and a different one on ww7.

    Therefore you may have a customer id of 2400 but then a different website on the same server might get number 2401. Another might get 2402 etc.

    We are up to id 11779942 but we have not had that many orders !! :-)

    Hope this helps a bit

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    Sep 23 2008 17:24:42



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    Super - thanks for the info! I'm glad it's something so simple.