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Re:Set up Paypal Authorization and Capture with Mals-e shopping cart

    Nov 16 2009 13:17:10


    Mal Stewart

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    The cart will still collect CVS codes if you are hooked up to payment gateway for real-time card processing. Not if you are manually processing.

    Authorization is the term used to allocate money to you from someone's account (be it PayPal or a credit card). Capture is the term used to mean "transfer the money to your account". With a normal card transaction the capture is done overnight but it can be delayed for up to a week. I think it might be a bit longer with PayPal.

    At any rate, if you set PayPal to "Authorize only" then you will need to capture the payment manually in your PayPal account. You will find a link to do that appears by any payments that are Auth only.

    I don't know if you can adjust down a payment before capturing it at PayPal. If you can't then you can very easily refund part of the payment just after you have captured it.


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