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Invalid Merchant Configuration Message with credit cards

    Nov 18 2009 01:04:20



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    We have a premium acct, using Pay Pal Pro, and we've setup the API stuff.

    Customers can pay with Pay Pal, Credit Card or Money Order.

    When they choose to pay with Credit Card - it doesn't work - and a message saying "sorry invalid merchant configuration" etc .

    I can't see what else we need to do? Is it the Mal's cart or is it our Pay Pal acct that needs our attention? As far as I can tell, we've set both ends up according to all the instructions I've been able to find... any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!!

    Nov 18 2009 04:18:17


    Debbie Q

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    Double check your setups.

    In cart setup 1) check the radio button that says "Website Payments Pro" 2) Enter your PayPal email address. 3) Return the customer back to the cart. 4) check the box where it says "PayPal should make an IPN call to the cart to confirm when someone pays." Don't forget to check the update button at the bottom.

    Setting up PayPal API access in PayPal
    In order to use Express Checkout or Payments Pro package you must configure your PayPal account to allow the cart to have API access. This is what you need to do:

    Login to PayPal
    Go to: API Access > Grant API Permission
    You need to add API access to
    API Account Name:

    and give the cart permission to use:

    Note it is a one, not the letter L, in

    In PayPal Click the "Profile" tab. Under "Selling Preferences" find the "Website Payment Preferences" link and click it. Set "Auto return" to On and enter your website URL. It doesn't matter what you put there. The cart will override it and send the customer back to the Carts Thank-you page. Near the bottom under PayPal account optional click the "on" button.

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    Nov 18 2009 16:22:35



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    Thank you Debbie!

    I'm looking at the Pay Pal config page in our Mal's acct - and we do NOT have these items presented to us. I did select Pay Pal Premium, enterered our Pay Pal email but these 2 options are not there....?

    3) Return the customer back to the cart. 4) check the box where it says "PayPal should make an IPN call to the cart to confirm when someone pays."

    Nov 18 2009 16:56:40



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    I was just checking our Pay Pal page again --

    If I select "website payments standard" -- THEN -- those options are displayed. But with pay pal pro -- they do NOT display. It just says "express checkout version 1" with a radio button automatically selected.

    I'm checking our pay pal settings next.

    Thanks again!