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Shipping Option 7 - is this how customer uses it?

    Sep 22 2008 22:58:00



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    Sorry for being redundant - I also asked this here:, but decided I shouldn't tag it onto someone else's post.

    I think I set up Option correctly but the customer interface doesn't seem correct.

    Is the customer supposed to choose from the pull-down menu her shipping range? What if she chooses the wrong shipping array? Since the cart knows the array, why is there a need for the pull-down - why can't it calculate the shipping fee without the pull-down?

    Is Option 7 the best method for a shipping fee as follows:
    Up to 25.00 5.95
    25.01-50.0 7.45
    50.01-75.0 8.95
    75.01-100.0 10.45
    100.01-125.0 11.95
    125.01-150.0 13.45
    Over 150.01 Free Shipping



    Sep 23 2008 00:26:48



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    Sue answered this question for me at

    The pull-down appeared because I mistakenly created 5 zones. I only needed 1 zone with all the data in it.