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Re:Migrating old discount codes to new system, help please?

    Nov 20 2009 04:36:45


    Michael Schwab

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    Debbie Q said So the discount voucher and gift certificate use the same box now? Much less confusing. I wondered if that was going to be the case since it looked like the voucher code it was giving looked similar to a gift certificate code.

    Rather than use the same box, I've just disabled the Gift Certif box for now-we issued dozens of gift certificates this year and only 2 people used them-I think when they get to the 2 boxes in the cart, they are uncertain which box to use and just don't use them, or forget they have it... not sure if we'll pursue that one again, and just opt to give them a Discount code as credit in the future....will think on it more~ :/