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Re:Order placed, payment received, but no order in records??

    Nov 23 2009 22:04:29


    Michael Schwab

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    Hi Debbie,
    I don't delete any orders until I download them to excel at month-end.

    This order was placed this morning; I got a copy of the order details in my Inbox when we got into the office this afternoon, and when it didn't download to MOrders with all the other orders, I had to go search for it...that's when I discovered it's not even in our order records in Admin...the order # does not show up at all...

    It's almost as if once she placed the order and got her Order #, the cart passed her along to Paypal to pay, and then the order got lost in cyberspace from her to Mals........but the cart issued an order #

    OK im not sure in what order these things occur, but to have received an order #, it had to pass through Mals, right?

    I just emailed Mal...this is too weird.