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Re:Order placed, payment received, but no order in records??

    Nov 23 2009 22:33:37


    Michael Schwab

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    I just did a followup with the Customer-

    After forcing another order through at my end, (Now I have a record in Mals orders) I called the customer to report that we had a new order #, etc...but that she was only charged once.

    She told me that during placing the order, the computer went incredibly slow before sending her to Paypal, then she didn't get an order confirmation at all, like she normally would. (Shes a return Customer)
    SO, that tells me that her computer may have hiccuped when it sent her to Paypal, and Mals never got the Order upload for me to download...

    IN Summary, I think her work computer hacked and lost the order, but the email notification was a saving grace~ can you say WHEW!

    Ouch, that gave me a headache, but anyway, we now have a new order and all is well.

    now we'll see if Mals has any clueage, so I can report back on his findings as well :)