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Re:Shopper ID's not consecutive?

    Sep 23 2008 14:33:57



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    Nick - sorry to butt in but not sure that explains it too well. He is correct that there are lots of people using it but the example confused me and I know how it works :-(

    Mal has lots of different servers and lots of different merchants use each server. There could be hundreds (don't know exact number) of merchants using each server - you can tell which one you are on by the number after the ww in your account. ie - I have a site on ww4 and a different one on ww7.

    Therefore you may have a customer id of 2400 but then a different website on the same server might get number 2401. Another might get 2402 etc.

    We are up to id 11779942 but we have not had that many orders !! :-)

    Hope this helps a bit

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