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    Aug 30 2008 18:49:56



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    Ok, I decided to upgrade to Premium today. It made me make a new account. Now I want to come to the forums and ask a question about the upgrade and it wants me to make a new account??????

    Howaco Glass Supply Co

    Aug 30 2008 20:23:08



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    Not sure what happened there. Maybe I used a carriage return and it wasn

    Aug 30 2008 20:50:39


    Mal Stewart

    Join date : 2008-09-18      Posts : 136

    Yes, I wonder if it is a problem with carriage returns, it works fine for me (of course it would).

    I can do paragraphs!

    What sort of browser, operating system are you using? Is it Mac by any chance?


    Mal's E-commerce Ltd

    Aug 31 2008 00:42:43



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    Sees like this forum software is not quite ready to go live. Mal, can you give us a link to the old one for the time being please?

    Aug 31 2008 05:48:54



    Join date : 2008-09-18      Posts : 21

    No I'm not using Mac, just Firefox for the last few years. Maybe it's because I preview the posts.

    Sep 04 2008 16:11:26


    Debbie Q

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    Just wanted to test something here.

    Debbie Q

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