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Re:Forum Support Volunteers

    Sep 23 2008 14:51:01



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    I started to read this thread and was extremely confused. Then I see half way down that someone deleted their original comments. Reading between the lines I can work out what they were but it really is bad form to delete posts as it confuses and annoys. If you change your mind on what you post just go in and add a note stating that you have changed your mind.

    There were lots and lots of teething problems with this forum and the new 'my account' system and new Admin area - many have been fixed. Some may never be fixed, especially if Mal doesn't think the forum is a valuable addition to his business.

    Mal you are wrong. I have visited this forum for YEARS and got the answers I needed - either by searching or asking. I have emailed you many times for answers I had not found but I would have been emailing you a hundred times more without this forum. Could you really cope with that?

    The regulars are VERY valuable assets to your business - I hope they stay because my job would have been much harder without them.

    The only reason there might have been an increase on THIS forum is because there is nothing to search. Many of the questions asked so far on this new forum had been answered MANY times on the old forum. Therefore, on the old forum, a simple search found the answer. Now people have to ask the same old questions again so the number of posts will OBVIOUSLY go up.

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