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Captcha Code in Cart

    Dec 03 2009 05:54:41



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    I have this site I use for captcha and they give you a piece of script to add to your page..

    Is it possible to add this into my cart. Here is the generted script

    <!-- html code -->

    <span id="protectwebform_text_block">Enter the code shown in the image:</span>

    <span NOWRAP id="protectwebform_image_block" ><img id="protectwebform_image" src=""></span><span style="visibility:hidden;" NOWRAP id="protectwebform_reload_block">&nbsp; &nbsp;<a id="protectwebform_link_reload" href="" title="Click here to reload the image." onclick="return protectwebform_reload_image();"><img src=""; border=0></a></span>

    <span NOWRAP id="protectwebform_textbox_block"><br><input id="protectwebform_textbox" type="text" size="10" style="vertical-align:top;" name="protectwebformcode" value=""></span>

    <script language="JavaScript" src=""></script>;

    <!-- end of html code -->

    Dec 03 2009 11:07:22



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    I know I'm missing something...


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    Dec 03 2009 22:20:01



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    That is my question as well GT but I have a client that wants it.
    I have tried to explain it is not necessary