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Re:Forum Support Volunteers

    Sep 23 2008 19:46:55


    Mal Stewart

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    I checked but the old forum but was getting only about ten or fiften page views a day. There were a whole host reasons why the old forums could not be retained: partly because of usability issues but also partly for security reasons. They needed to be replaced, there was really no choice in the matter but obviously that is change which some people have found hard to accept.

    There was a lot of information in the old forums but there was also a lot of miss-information. The cart has changed a lot over the years and I was often told such and such a feature was not possible or missing from the cart when in fact it was. For that reason I'm not sure the forums will ever make a good repository of information.

    I think we have to respect someones privacy if they choose not to make their post visible any more.


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