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Re:Mals shiping so confusing...need help!!

    Dec 07 2009 16:33:53


    Ian S

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    Option 3 is a very simple shipping option, but as you've found, is not really suitable if your customers will be ordering multiple items.

    We use option 7 which uses the same basis - i.e. a shipping unit for each item relative to its weight. The cart then totals the values up depending on the number and items ordered, and charges according to a scale you set up.

    So you may say the shipping units that total up to 10 could be 5.00 shipping, the next 10 (so between 10 and 20) is 6.00, etc etc.

    You can set up to 5 different scales of charges (i.e. we are in the UK so use 3 - UK Mail, Europe, rest of the World). So the same units are used, but you may say that the first 10 units incurs a 10.00 carriage charge for foreign orders.

    The only draw back we find is that you can only have 4 ranges units - a few more would be very useful.

    Hope that makes some sense!