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Interface to ANZ E-Gate

    Sep 24 2008 00:47:00



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    Appreciate assistance - am relative newbie and based in Broome (Kimberley area of Western Australia) - an area which makes even Alaska seem over-populated. Virtually no computer expertise within the closest Australian cities - 1500 miles away.

    I write, produce and sell books worldwide via two websites: www, and also

    I have used Mals-commerce for many years (processing credit card orders manually, and now via ANZ e-Gate.. We also have many telephone and posted orders (the latter often with cheques and money orders).

    We recently attempted to interface to PayPal (of which only the basic service is currently available in Australia). This proved a total and costly disaster and we reverted to the straight Mal's service after 8 weeks of ongoing and serious frustration.

    The problems were:
    About 30% of all customers did not tick the Complete Order box on the final page (mostly accidentally. This resuls in the order nevertheless being processed via Mals site- but less the Payment details. Attempts to gain the details by phone or email resulted in either order-cancellation - or people assuming the request was a credit card scam.

    This was not helped by my requests for help to PayPal invariably resulting in being told to read the Professional Manual - which is incomprehensibel to people like me - who assume English words mean what they usually mean!

    As with much software the problem was not so much in finding out what the system could do. It was discovering the hard way what it could NOT do.

    There seems to be no provision to process wholesale orders, nor orders via post or telephone via trhe PayPal system. All still needed to be processed via eGate - resulting in our then having to maintain three systems (PayPal, Mals, eGate)..

    Accepting we do probably not have the expertise to do the job ourselves, can anyone advise if it is feasible to interface Mal's site to ANZ eGate and still cope with mail, telephone and wholesale orders.

    I have tried to get this information from ANZ but this request too is answered in total gobbledegook!

    In the interim will switch to using mal's paid service to enable bulk processing.
    Collyn Rivers