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Re:Cheap and Rasonable Credit Card Processing in the USofA

    Dec 18 2009 20:21:23


    Michael Schwab

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    PaulG2 said MY site at is currently using Paypal and credit card processing via a merchant account and gateway. I think it's called Pay-Me-Now and it is at this link:

    The fees they are charging me have become outrageous and I'm looking for a new processor in the USA. Or something like Amazon checkout to have in addition to PayPal.
    Does anyone have any suggestions?

    Thank you,

    We use Propay, they are VERY reasonable and offer a wide variety of options and recognize Mals e-commerce ~ we've been with them for 7 yrs and very happy with the service, customer care, etc.

    They recently offered us a new automated option (not the card reader) we aren't a POS retail so automated authorize would really cut processing time for us - give them a call and they'll get you in the right direction!
    Happy Holidays~