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Fedex Shipping

    Sep 26 2008 11:43:49


    Sandi Myers

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    I couldn't find the old forum - so I'm starting a new thread. I use advanced shipping - I have usps and ups set up in the shipping table. Now I want to add fedex. I set up my fedex account in the appropriate area. When I go to add on option to my zone - fedex is not available - in selection like the usps and ups. Is there a special way to set fedex up?

    Sep 28 2008 10:15:06


    Mal Stewart

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    Have you done the "meter number" bit on the Fedex setup page?

    Mal's E-commerce Ltd

    Sep 28 2008 18:29:53


    Sandi Myers

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    I had filled out everything but that the other day. I went back in today and set up the meter number. Updated my account - then went to the shipping tables to add my new option. Do I need to wait for a few days to make sure it's activated? I still didn't see an option for Fedex in the option section - only ups and usps, plus the normal ones.

    Oct 03 2008 11:12:20


    Sandi Myers

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    Finally got the fedex to work - I kept clicking the 'use fedex rates' check box, and updated, but when I went back in - it hadn't saved it. I then was able to add 1 option for fedex to my zone. Now the problem I have is there is no way to add an option. Did I do something to my account when I added the fedex? What is the limitation to the number of options you can add?