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Re:Advanced Shipping help

    Jan 06 2010 02:16:51



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    I'm certainly no expert as I have only just started using this option myself, however, nothing jumps out at me as obviously wrong with your setup. It sounds like your cart is set up the same as mine, except I use pounds instead of ounces.

    You didn't mention this specifically, so I will ask just in case - for the ID in the USPS setup, did you sign up for the USPS web services to obtain an ID from them and after you did so, did you call or e-mail to have them move your id from testing to production status? I am signed up with Click 'n Ship, so when I first set up my cart, I thought that this was the USPS ID I was supposed to use, but Click 'n Ship uses a different username. Once I signed up for USPS web services (I think that is what it is called) (using the link provided right on the advanced USPS setup page) and called USPS to request them to activate the ID, it worked great.

    Sorry if you know about that already, but since you didn't mention it, I thought I would bring up that possibility, just in case.