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Re:Advanced Shipping help

    Jan 06 2010 20:25:51



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    No, you don't need to enter their URLs anywhere, I believe that is hardcoded into the cart. All it needed in my case was my ID, zip code and pounds/ounces. If it is still not working, is it possible there is a typo in your ID? If you haven't already, maybe try cut 'n paste of the ID from the USPS e-mail into the cart setup.

    By any chance are you using the flat rate options, or just the regular priority mail option? I notice that in my cart, the flat rates aren't working but the regular priority mail option is.

    Another thing to check, when you are testing the cart and trying to add the shipping, for international, just select the country and leave the state/provice and zip code blank. For USA, select any state (except blank or "no state") and input the zip code before clicking on the button to calculate shipping. It doesn't actually matter what state you select because the USPS calculation is done using the zip code. I have noticed that I can select California and put in a New York zip code. No error is generated, but the USPS calculation is correct for the zip code.

    The above assumes of course that you have a list of states - in the link to zones section, do you have both the countries list as well as the USA/Canada list turned on? In the USA/Canada list, you will need to enable each state individually by changing it from "exclude" to the name of your USA zone, and the same for the Canadian provinces except you will be selecting your international zone for them.

    Anyway, just a couple more thoughts there, maybe you will find something useful in there! :-)