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Re:Discount Vouchers box in cart is labelled.... why?

    Sep 28 2008 10:01:13


    Mal Stewart

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    Good question! For many years the discount voucher system was the only voucher system in the cart. Then a year and half ago the gift voucher system was added. Since you can setup both types of voucher in the cart at the same time they have to be labeled differently so that the customer knows where to enter their voucher code. In the cart it will be something like:

    Discount coupon [ ]
    Gift voucher [ ]

    It isn't just customers who have been confused too, I've started to always talking about "Discount coupons" and "Gift vouchers" to refer to the two systems.

    Obviously there are some cultural differences too, whether they are coupons, vouchers or certificates depends on where you are, in the cart that is handled by the language set.


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