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help with zones

    Aug 31 2008 00:06:59



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    Hi I posted my question yesterday in the old forum not realizing there would be a big change overnight ..Had a reply but none of the threads they sent work ..Soooo I still need help Please. I have signed up for the premium account and have used Advanced shipping because I want to use the USPS and FEDEX calculators for my shipping quotes..both of those I have activated...However when I view the sample cart it gives the drop down of all the countries to choose from and asks for the zip code. Once those are chosen and you click calculate shipping it says it needs zones. I didn't think I would have to choose zones with USPS and FEDEX ...however looks like I do...this is my first attempt at a shopping cart so can someone explain what zones are and how to choose them ? I would greatly appreciate any help and can exchange e-mails if someone is willing in order to help me out. I would appreciate it Greatly...

    Many Thanks ahead of time...Sara

    Aug 31 2008 23:19:12



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    The old forums are back up again here:

    Sep 02 2008 22:02:18



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    Have you read,68878,68878#msg-68878 on Advanced shipping setup?

    Sep 05 2008 02:02:11



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    Thank you for all your help ..really appreciate it ...