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First Time Tax Calculations

    Sep 29 2008 01:39:25



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    I am fairly new to this.

    Certain items are taxable and certain are not.

    I have setup my cart to use option 3 which is to use the Buy Now links. All information seems to work correctly, but the tax is still zero.

    I am using the following code in my form to pass the tax information. Is this correct?

    <form action=""; method="post">
    <input type="Hidden" name="price1" value="24">
    <input type="Hidden" name="price2" value="22">
    <input type="Hidden" name="price3" value="8">
    <input type="Hidden" name="price4" value="15">
    <input type="Hidden" name="product1" value="Doll Treat Seat">
    <input type="Hidden" name="product2" value="Girl Tote">
    <input type="Hidden" name="product3" value="Doll Tote">
    <input type="Hidden" name="product4" value="Doll Accessory Set">
    <input type="Hidden" name="tax1" value="8.25">
    <input type="Hidden" name="tax2" value="8.25">
    <input type="Hidden" name="tax3" value="8.25">
    <input type="Hidden" name="tax4" value="8.25">